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About the Founder of HerQuest

Hi, my name is Jodi! I believe that there is only one mandatory ingredient to creating the life you want... It is to understand that your solution MUST include HAVING FUN! I believe each Woman's Quest includes FINDING THE INSPIRATION OF JOY in order to build a personal HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

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Unique Business Alliances

HerQuest is the doorway to Inspired Partnerships

Shared Success

Virtual Strategists

Are You Interested in Becoming Part of a HerQuest Unique Alliance?

Step 1|

As independent business owners, do you have a prosperity plan... or expansion plan?

  • How do you foster your business growth?

  • Who do you plan to collaborate with? 

  • How could the blend of products and services enhance your offer even further?

  • How will you find time to participate?

Step 2|

Does your mind set align with the Co-Creative Environment at HerQuest?

We are seeking Co-Creators who will offer and value a belief in:

  • Each HerQuest Client is entitled to their own personal journeyof self-discovery. Our collective effort is to enhance each participant’s personal awareness and evolving connection with their chosen belief system. We ask each member to respect this philosophy.

  • EachCo-Creative Project, will outline responsibilities and timelines so that each alliance member can ensure their personal commitment to achieving success.

  • We ask each member to bring a spirit of open mindedness and a willingness to shift a certain strategy in order to maximize our collective outcome.

  • We ask each member to openly contribute to determining how we define shared success within each unique project. 

  • We ask each member to seek clarity in understanding each other’s perspective. We appreciate everyone communicating with both consideration and candor.

Step 3|

Tell us about your  dreams! Tell us about you!

Unique Business Alliances Offers Access To:

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HerQuest Purpose Driven Business Ventures

Jodi’s 20+ years in Business Development has established a level of expertise in creating self-sustaining organizational ecosystems.  By blending different yet complimentary businesses together, HerQuest Purpose Driven Business Ventures will develop your complete Business Expansion Strategy.  

  • Purpose Inspired Effort – Defining our Common Opportunity

  • The Creation of an Aligned Ecosystem

  • Gaining Momentum with Purposeful Progression of Customer Engagement

  • Understanding Consumer Behavior through Knowledge based on Conversational Intelligence

For those who resonate with this effort, we invite you to empower yourself with the tools that allow you to prioritize your time on impacting lives, generating more income and personally and professionally evolving.

Is Your Ideal Client A Woman In Transition?

If the thought of surrounding yourself with women who are eager to co-create in a healthy, nurturing atmosphere and you are willing to consider shifting some of your rental time to hosting HerQuests travelers or Retreats, please let us know.

Retreat Venue Owners