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Are You Interested in Becoming Part of a HerQuest Unique Alliance?

Step 1

As independent business owners, do you have a prosperity plan... or expansion plan?

  • How do you foster your business growth?

  • Who do you plan to collaborate with? 

  • How could the blend of products and services enhance your offer even further?

  • How will you find time to participate?




Step 2

Does your mindset align with the Co-Creative Environment at HerQuest?


We are seeking potential business alliance partners who offer and value the following guiding principals:


  • Each client is entitled to their own personal journey of self-discovery.  

  • Each Co-Creative Project will outline responsibilities and timelines so that each alliance member can ensure their personal commitment to achieving success.

  • Each alliance member offers a spirit of open-mindedness and a willingness to shift a certain strategy in order to maximize our collective outcome.

  • Each alliance member openly contributes to how we define shared success within each unique project. 


    Each alliance member seeks clarity in understanding each other’s perspective. 


Step 3

Tell us about your dreams!   Tell us about you!




Unique Business Alliances Offers Access To:

Holistic Practitioner and Coaching

Is Your Ideal Client A Woman In Transition?

For those who resonate with our alliance model, we invite you to tell us about yourself so that we can explore your interests fully.