HerQuest Purpose Driven Ventures:

Senior Care Organizations

As part of the team that worked with the Founding Pioneer Accountable Care Organizations, I have had a compelling view, watching the concepts of value-based reimbursement take hold and shift healthcare utilization.  The process changes have resulted in decreased hospital lengths of stay, along with eliminated or reduced post-acute rehabilitation, as patients are “driven” to the home setting. With limited “certified” home care services paid for by a senior’s insurance, dependency shifts onto adult children or increased financial demands for private pay services.  As dependency increases, feelings of anxiety and depression, tied to loss of independence, also increase. In desperation, the senior seeks the healthcare system again. This cycle will cause traditional health care systems to foster dependent relationships, fueled by repeated crisis after crisis.


Those organizations who wish to create a different experience for today and tomorrow’s discerning 55+ community, will require a vastly different approach.  


At HerQuest, we believe in empowering the Seniors of today and tomorrow.  We seek partnership with organizations driven by a culture whose focus is to create opportunities for seniors to feel fulfilled as they identify their personal desires, grow within their personal endeavors and find joy within each positive experience.


Service Options Could Include:

HerQuest Senior Life Coaches have completed a unique educational path, reflective of Empowerment, Life Transition and Conversational Intelligence.


HerQuest Holistic Services include experts of many kinds, offering an immediate and successful blend with traditional medicine.


When a Senior’s illness becomes more progressive, HerQuest experts offer the relief the mind, body and spirt is seeking.


HerQuest Enhanced Independence Services offer the mindset that inspires the hands on care needed to empower a Senior with the ability to continue to embrace life fully, even as they adjust to changes in their physical body.  Whether it is a local medical appointment or arranging all the support and assistance necessary to allow a Senior to enjoy traveling once again, HerQuest companions have what you need.