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About the Founder of HerQuest

Hi, my name is Jodi! I believe that there is only one mandatory ingredient to creating the life you want... It is to understand that your solution MUST include HAVING FUN! I believe each Woman's Quest includes FINDING THE INSPIRATION OF JOY in order to build a personal HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

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I realized that our culture taught me that my emotions were not to be trusted.  I was told they were too big. I have denied them. Blocked them. Despised them. Today, I make a different choice. I consider them my barometer, a guide to CREATING the life I want.- Jodi

Personal Transformation can be achieved using various avenues.  I encourage you to think about it as if you are receiving a soothing massage.  An expert becomes aware of a “block” of energy in your body and nudges it along, using various techniques.  This NUDGE allows the energy stream to gain momentum within your body and absorb the blockage into its path.  The energy flow feels effortless to you as the blockage is absorbed.

I believe our emotions can also cause "blocks".  The personal transformation services at HerQuest offer that same kind of gentle and loving NUDGE that empowers you to trust and understand your emotions.  Step by step, you are empowered to consider your personal beliefs, as well as your desires, and strive to eliminate the barriers within your own thought process, that ultimately block what you seek.

Each person has unique experiences in this world molding them to become who they are.  Therefore, each and every person will have a unique transformational process. There is no predetermined path for your journey.  We at HerQuest, have all you need to begin, or continue to find, and experience fully each step along your Journey to Empowerment through Personal Transformation.  

I already see you as your inspired self, a gentle and kind spirit, walking in the sunshine….breathing in the air our Earth creates, nourishing your body with it.  Feeling the ease of each muscle in your body as it moves. Understanding with a pure knowing, each piece will do its part, in order for your body’s movement to be felt as ease and grace.  A warmth emanates from you, a glowing warmth as if you’re an extension of the sun. It is what love looks like physically. It translates into your voice and your touch and is with you everywhere you go, a part of every experience, interaction, conversation.  The ripple effect is endless to each person you encounter.

I invite you to enjoy the creation of the life you want, each and every step along the way!

We can join you wherever you are on your journey towards the fulfillment of Creating the Life You Want...



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Carla’s personal touch can be felt throughout the vintage style and personally decorated properties. This testimonial describes what the experience in New Smyrna Beach felt like to a recent guest.


Debby chose Carla’s Vintage Beach Houses to Celebrate Life with the Woman of her World. I met Debby while also staying onsite as a fellow guest, during the development of HerQuest. Having recently completed an intensive medical treatment, Debby opened our conversation with, “I haven’t worn my wig since they told me I looked beautiful”. Debby shared she innately knew she had to have something to look forward to post treatment and was delighted to find Carla’s was everything she expected yet more.


Debby felt the setting offered whatever you wanted it to be. Options include a short walk to downtown Flagler Ave, the onsite Salt Water Pool and Hot Tub, New Smyrna Beach literally next door, the joy of riding a bike again, the positive people everywhere. “It made me feel normal again”, she added. “I felt like I treated myself as a whole, without forgetting about my spirit. The alone time at the beach spent reflecting, praying and meditating led to my treatment team’s reaction to my recent bloodwork…It looks like you never had cancer!  


I could hear the smile in Debby’s voice when she closed with “from the day I left, I have felt like a million bucks”.

 - DEBRA HALLUM, HerQuest Client