Tue, Feb 18 | Flower Eagle Medicine Lodge 6/5 - 6/6/20

Indigenous Calling Ceremony for Your Beloved: An Invitation to Your Soul Companion

7 Virtual Group Sessions February 18 - May 12; Live Calling Ceremony June 5 - 6, 2020 at Flower Eager Medicine Lodge, Winston-Salem, NC
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Indigenous Calling Ceremony for Your Beloved:  An Invitation to Your Soul Companion

Time & Location

Feb 18, 2020, 5:00 PM – Jun 06, 2020, 5:30 PM
Flower Eagle Medicine Lodge 6/5 - 6/6/20, Winston-Salem, NC, USA

About The Event

Are you ready for an intimate, authentic, loving relationship with your Soul Companion — one that is heart-centered, spiritually healthy and healing?

The Calling Ceremony works with time-honored shamanic practices to heal and replace the limiting beliefs and fears that have hindered the manifestation of your Beloved.  

Embark on this sacred journey if you dare.  It is dangerous work — you could end up being happy!

This experience is open to 10 women.

The Calling from the Heart Package of Services Includes:

  • 7 Virtual Group Preparation Sessions - Feb 18 - May 12, 2020   Tuesday Evenings 6:30 - 8:30 pm
  • 2 Virtual Individual Healing Ceremonies - Scheduled at your convenience
  • Live Participation in an Indigenous Calling Ceremony for Your Beloved at Flower Eagle Medicine Lodge, Winston Salem, North Carolina

         (Lodging not included)

White Star's Book, "Calling from the Heart; An Invitation to Your Soul Companion" shares her own journey and a step by step process to prepare yourself to connect with your Beloved.

White Star will lead the group of 10 women through virtual preparation sessions, including:

  • A Self Reflection Process to Allow each Woman to Progress to a Place of Inner Gratitude For & Freedom from the Past
  • Discerning & Writing the Relationship You Want to Call Into Your Life
  • Create a List of Attributes You Desire in Your Soul Companion
  • Creating a Home Alter & Learning How to Honor All the Beings who will Assist You in Calling Your Beloved

In Native Tradition, all life is organized and experienced through the teaching of the Medicine Wheel - a circle with no beginning and no end, a never-ending spiral.  

Each direction on the Medicine Wheel offers its own teaching, insight and wisdom.

Part 1:  The Web of Life Virtual Group Preparation Sessions are held from 6:30 - 8:30 pm on the following Tuesday Evenings.

   February 18, 2020  Topic:  The Clarity to Begin - The East Direction of the Medicine Wheel 

The Place of New Beginnings, Sunrise, Far Vision, Solar Energy & Divine Masculine

The Powers Offered – Illumination, Clarity & The Beginners Mind 

  March 3, 2020 Topic:  Connecting with the Wisdom of the Ages - The North Direction of the Medicine Wheel

The Place of Ancient Wisdom

The Powers Offered – Gratitude, Prayer & Abundance


 March 17, 2020:  Topic:  Touching the Divine Within - The West Direction of the Medicine Wheel

The Place of Sunset, Lunar Energies & Divine Feminine

The Powers Offered – Introspection & Alignment


 March 31, 2020  Topic:  Healing, Laughter & Embracing Our True Nature - The South Direction of the Medicine Wheel

The Place of Healing, Divine Child & Opportunities for Growth

The Powers Offered – Childlike Innocence, Faith & Trust, Laughter

 April 14, 2020  Topic:  Dreaming Our Lives Into Being - Above Direction of the Medicine Wheel

The Place of Starry Medicine Bowl, Sky Nation, Dreamtime, 5th Dimension

The Powers Offered – Imagination, Dreams & One-Mindedness

  April 28, 2020 Topic:  Sitting with the Fire - Below Direction of the Medicine Wheel

The Place of Mother Earth & All the Children of the Earth Blanket

The Powers Offered – Nourishment, Appreciation of Diversity & Beauty of Life

 May 12, 2020 Topic:  Inner Sacred Space - Within Direction of the Medicine Wheel

The Place of Inner Sacred Space, Connection 7 Generations Before & After Us

The Powers Offered – Wise Choices, Discernment, Purpose & Protection

Part 2:  Each woman will receive Two Individual Healing Sessions with White Star.  There are several ancient medicine ceremonies for you to consider that will help you release the burdens of the past and heal the wounds of your life.  These are virtual sessions and will be scheduled at a convenient time for you.

Part 3:  Live Participation in the Indigineous Calling Ceremony to Your Beloved, June 5th - 6th at White Star's Flower Eagle Medicine Lodge in Winstom-Salem, North Carolina

Friday, June 5th 5 pm – check in circle, dinner, full moon ceremony

Saturday, June 6th 9:30 – 5:30 pm – Sitting with the Fire -- The Calling Ceremony

Lodging not included in the ticket price, however, there are several options we can assist you with arranging.

Be sure to read the blog that explains how Jodi and White Star crossed paths!  The synchronicity is amazing.  


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