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The Manifestor's Mind

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The Manifestor's Mind

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810 Carol Ave, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169, USA

About The Event

There is an opportunity for the women in the world we live in today, to choose:

  • Who You Are
  • What You Believe In
  • What Your Intentions Are
  • What Your Dreams Are
  • What You Desire

Collectively, they reflect YOUR VIBRATIONAL ESSENCE...Is your Essence emanating what you hope to attract into your life?

There are many ways we experience ENERGY within our BODIES, within our MINDS, within our SOULS.  That energy creates our personal Vibration.

The Women who chose to attend the Manifestor's Mindset retreat will focus on fully embracing the vibrational energy within your emotions.  We will heighten your understanding of your unique belief system and identify the limited thinking that may be interefering in creating the life you want.

A woman’s personal desire is the blood of vibration.  Vibration is tied to the life giving energy force that leads to experiences that are full of joy, love, happiness and empowered growth.  

Come and begin the discovery of finding yourself.  You’ve been in the making quite some time now.  It is time to discover and enjoy the creation of you.

Your pre-planning coaching session allows you to choose which discovery sessions you desire.  Options include:

Beliefs of a Woman  

A belief is simply something we keep telling ourselves.  

Raise Your Awareness with thought provoking discussion and exploration about how our Beliefs were influenced.  

  • What is a false premise? 
  • How do false premises tie to your culture and your personal experience?  
  • How do your Beliefs embrace your Desires?  

The Influence of Playfulness - Goddess Tarot Card Readings

  • Which Goddess will speak to you? 
  • Which characteristics do you want to empower yourself with?  
  • How will your personal beliefs be influenced?

The Fun of a Live Workshop, Engage in a Social Experiment  

  • Choose your own intention, feel inspired to be fully present socially and see what experiences you receive. 
  • Maybe a warm hello, a friendly conversation, a shared smile, a curious look from a fellow dancer.  
  • Maybe you will feel the energy of the dance floor or shared laughter in a new way. 
  • Everything feels different when you feel with your whole being.  

Play with the Beat at a Drum Circle 

  • Feel the beat deep within you, it will move your spirit in the way that you need.  
  • Find your personal self-expression in playing a drum or moving your body!  
  • Dance, Drum, Rattle and Shake to find the freedom in your Soul and see what you find.

The Energy and Vibration of Female Sensuality and Sexuality

  • Take a step towards awareness and connection with your entire, physical body. 
  • Perhaps there is a part of you that has been shut off in some way.  Perhaps it ties to an experience in your past.  
  • Our goal is not to stir that up, but to remove any block it may have created within your body.  
  • Work individually with Jodi to determine your choice of how to begin this personal work.  
  • Options include Acupressure or Acupuncture Treatment, Guided Meditation, Journal Work and a Chakra Clearing Ceremony, Boudoir Photography Session

Vibration – Your Personal Image, Your Personal Voice

  • How do you feel about what you project visually to the world?  
  • Each woman will receive a personal Image Consultation and design their personal Photo Shoot.  
  • We will identify both limiting fears and empowering feelings of freedom for you to continue to explore.
  • Hearing yourself speak what you desire is very powerful.  It takes awareness to tune your voice to reflect your True Desire.
  •  It requires a safe environment for you to practice, to learn to trust yourself again, to feel the power aligned with your self-expression.  
  • You will hear yourself voice your true desire.

The Power of Self Awareness – A visit with Yourself

  • A powerful session that begins your ability to truly soothe yourself and give yourself all you need
  • Pathways to Self-Care, Self-Love, Self-Acceptance, Self-Worth, Self-Esteem

Allowing Your Vibrational Essence to Soar 

  • Each woman will personally determine and commit to steps to continue to invest in her personal growth and self-discovery, ultimately creating the life you want by investing in the delight of your personal desires.

Create a Vibrational Ripple Effect 

  • Create your own video to share with the woman of your world.  
  • What shift have you experienced that you could share?  
  • What feeling was most pronounced for you? 
  • What do you anticipate as an impact from the awareness’s you have received? 
  • In doing so, you join the HerQuest Sisterhood by empowering another woman.

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