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About the Founder of HerQuest

Hi, my name is Jodi! I believe that there is only one mandatory ingredient to creating the life you want... It is to understand that your solution MUST include HAVING FUN! I believe each Woman's Quest includes FINDING THE INSPIRATION OF JOY in order to build a personal HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

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The HerQuest Strategic Approach

Whether you are choosing to utilize HerQuest Strategic Promotion in a Co-Creative HerQuest service line or as an Independent Entrepreneur with a dedicated business objective of your own, we will utilize the same strategy driven process.


Our success is BUILT with an intentional CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT PLAN designed to reach, connect and provide a continuous stream of new customers who are ready to be inspired by YOU.

Expand Your

Sphere of Influence

Empower Your Purpose with the Joy of Making Even a Bigger Difference in Women's Lives

Ensure Customer Satisfaction and Understand Strategic Impact

Achieve Your Business Success with

HerQuest Strategic Approach

We appreciate the opportunity to foster a gathering of brilliant, inspired minds to create the specific approach, to define and achieve your next focused effort.

HerQuest Project Consultation 

Many business owners who have a desire to enhance Women’s lives find themselves limited by resources and time.  We believe there are many paths that can lead to the shift necessary to stop straddling the line between expanding your inspired passion and working to "pay the bills".

Independent Business Expansion 

We all process the decision to make a purchase in the same way, but each of us are influenced differently.  The HerQuest Engagement strategies address the conversation with both your current clients and clients to be.  Each of them need that trigger, caused by one unique spark, to inspire them to their next step. We recognize how to engage clients in incremental steps, as communication and true service will create the bond of trust.  We understand it is an honor to serve each woman you meet and your goal is to create a lasting relationship with each women you serve. We can help empower you to do so.

HerQuest Campaign Specific Customer Engagement Strategies

The digital era has impacted everything.  In one sense it seems to limit our ability to directly engage with our customer to be.  In another, it expands our ability to reach to a broader audience. HerQuest Campaigns are built using proprietary technology that help us to understand our efforts to successfully connect with our customers in a meaningful way.  It also enhances your ability to expand your sphere of influence. Each Campaign is specific to your unique strategic business goals, created collaboratively with you, analyzed together and adjusted as needed.

HerQuest Proprietary Data Analytics 

As the HerQuest Network expands its roots, we will be offering both the opportunity to be a participant and a contributor to our Professional Development Sessions.  Educational opportunities will be offered both online at HerQuest.Net and within HerQuest Workshop and Retreat environments.

HerQuest Professional Development 

The World of The HerQuest Blog is where we share our inspired stories in an effort to Stir Women’s Souls.

HerQuest Blog Contribution

HerQuest’s number one objective is Women Empowering Women.  There is nothing more powerful than a woman finding her own power.  Those who wish to share the impact of their personal transformation experience will be encouraged and assisted to do so.

HerQuest Video Testimonial Collaboration 

Empowerment comes in many forms.  We believe at HerQuest, that every engaged woman, should be invited to share in our abundance.  We have immediate opportunities. As HerQuest roots expand we will continue to enhance your opportunity with additional avenues to financial freedom. 

  • Immediate opportunities available

    • Virtual Assistants with Graphic Design Experience

    • HerQuest Travel

    • HerQuest Senior Division

    • HerQuest Retreats

    • HerQuest External Opportunities

    • Business Funding Opportunities

  • Anticipated Regional Management Positions throughout 2018 and 2019

Financial Empowerment

We hope you will enjoy the pleasure of utilizing the HerQuest Affiliate Network for travel plans, accommodations, and holistic services.  For those professionals that would like to enhance their personal travel plans with business related opportunities, be sure to inform us of your availability.

Travel Accommodations