Guided Journeys

HerQuest Guided Journeys

To me, a guided journey allows the white-knuckle grip on life to be fully released. It was here that I realized I was letting go of my desperate attempt to control other people. I felt the unfamiliar feeling of acceptance, which then led to an amazing sense of freedom. One that started in my belly and grew and grew. 


At first, I thought how sad it was that I had never really felt the freedom to put myself first. But with a shift in my newfound perspective, it quickly turned into, I can do anything I want!   With this awareness, an incredible feeling of hope came over me and I knew I was going to be ok.


It surprised me but I never once felt lonely, bored, lost or uncertain. In fact, I found a new sense of certainty. One I had been wanting for a while. When I realized the clarity that accompanied it, it was then I really knew I was in a different place. 


Some women will feel eager and ready to venture out alone, others may feel nervous and worried. Your trip can start with as little as a two hour afternoon car ride. There is a comfortable starting place for every woman who feels curious about what this experience offers. Let’s tap into some courage and plan your trip.

HerQuest Journey Models

HerQuest Guided Journeys provide the expertise and focus of a Retreat Leader, as a personal Virtual Coach during your entire journey. 


We begin with a design session to plan each component. 


1.  Solo Journeys - Bond with yourself, discover who you are and empower yourself with feelings of confidence, certainty, clarity, and peace


2.  BuddyTravel - Enjoy Your Guided Journey with a like-minded friend


3.  TribeTravel - Discover even more with the women in your local tribe....those you know, love and trust may offer you the ingredients to stretch your growth even further.


Your Guided Journey can begin right from your driveway! 


Our onboarding process will help you to visualize what you prefer.


Followed by a  virtual discovery session, where you will explore and discover what you want to experience on your journey.  This is the time to address any necessary reservations, pack and go!

Your options include holistic services, spa & salon services, adventure sessions, and live discovery sessions.


An audio coaching package will guide you each step of the way and when requested a HerQuest coach can guide you through any emotional resistance that may arise. 


Coaching Package $125.00

We believe it is helpful to get a sense of what type of experience you want to begin. Join Jodi for an exploratory discussion.
Complimentary Consultation with Jodi
30 min