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About the Founder of HerQuest

Hi, my name is Jodi! I believe that there is only one mandatory ingredient to creating the life you want... It is to understand that your solution MUST include HAVING FUN! I believe each Woman's Quest includes FINDING THE INSPIRATION OF JOY in order to build a personal HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

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Guided Journeys

1. HerQuest Vision - Discover Who You Really Are

As I mentioned earlier, when I rented my house and drove away I did not have a plan. I must admit, I had found a great big slice of courage a few years earlier and I ventured out on my own quite a bit. The key difference was this time I had no plan.

To me, this was equal to releasing the white knuckle grip I had on what I told myself was control, and truly letting go in a way I never had known before.  I gave up. I gave up my desperate attempt to control other people, places and things that I had no control over. Sure, I had had those angry, “not again” conversations with myself many times, but this was different.  I had truly seen that I could not control the situation around me. When I gave up trying, it lent me acceptance. With acceptance, there was a sudden realization of an immense sense of freedom inside me and I could feel it getting bigger.  I could not stop thinking, if I really can not control other people, places and things, then I didn’t even have to try. I could simply chose to try to enjoy what felt like the right thing for me, first and foremost, what felt good to or for me.

At first, I thought how sad it is that I had never really felt the freedom to put myself first.  But with a shift in my new found perspective, it quickly turned into, “Ooooooooo. Ahhhhhhh. I can do anything I want.  I can go anywhere I want. I have up to 6 months to explore wherever I want, however I want. With this awareness, an incredible feeling of hope came over me and I knew I was going to be ok.

As I journeyed along, driving and stopping wherever and whenever I felt so inclined, I never once felt lonely, bored, lost or uncertain.  In fact, I felt a new sense of certainty. I knew that all I needed to learn or, maybe become aware of, would simple come to me at the right time. This was the first of many gifts I received along this piece of my journey.

I wish I could convey how drastically different I felt.  It’s a sense of clarity. A knowing. With it, a sense of true well being. Amazing, despite not one condition in my life changing, I felt secure in a way I had not known before.

It works.  Tap into some courage, be in touch and let’s plan your first HerQuest Guided Journey.  Imagine what you could discover! The trip can look like anything you want it to. All the tools you need are here.

2. HerQuest Journey Models

HerQuest Guided Journeys provide the expertise and focus of a Retreat Leader, through a one on one Virtual Coach during your entire journey.  Work with a HerQuest Coach to preselect the journey that meets your needs.


Various models: We can arrange a trip with as little as 3 days notice

  1. Solo Journey - Solo Journeys include all the ingredients for you to bond with yourself, discover who you are and empower yourself with feelings of confidence, certainty, clarity and peace

  2. Buddy Travel - Buddy Travel – Co-Create your Guided Journey with a like-minded spirit

  3. Tribe Travel - Tribe Travel – Travel and Discover even more with the women in your local tribe….those you know, love and trust may offer you the best components to further your growth.

Pricing Options :  

  • Travel Route – Personal Automobile; Rental Options

  • Personal Greeter to Orient you to the surroundings along your journey and the “inside scoop” only a local would be aware of

  • Holistic Treatment Services along your journey

  • Aligned Activities and Entertainment for your optional enjoyment

  • Daily Virtual Coach Sessions to support your Emotional Journey and Discovery ​

  • Preferred HerQuest Lodging Affiliates for your optional use 

3. Calling for More Affiliate Lodging Partners

For those of you  who appreciate a hand selected HerQuest Lodging Affiliate, please be sure to let us know, we suggest only the best.  

If you’re a HerQuest Lodging Affiliate and would be willing to share one night of complimentary lodging in exchange for a HerQuest Guest to interview you and provide a testimonial about their experience being your guest.

If you’d rather plan your own travel, my one request is to try to choose an establishment that is owned by a Proud Woman.  Collectively, we spend a lot of money. Let’s simply consider prioritizing our spending in a way that supports a member of your sisterhood.  If you would like to recommend that establishment to HerQuest.

If you’d like your property to be considered for potential inclusion in a HerQuest Lodging Affiliation.