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About the Founder of HerQuest

Hi, my name is Jodi! I believe that there is only one mandatory ingredient to creating the life you want... It is to understand that your solution MUST include HAVING FUN! I believe each Woman's Quest includes FINDING THE INSPIRATION OF JOY in order to build a personal HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

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HerQuest Coaches

Personal Coaching

In our effort to love their families,women sometimes forget who they are, what they want, what made their hearts surge, what made their voices speak, what made their bodies thrive and what being in love with life feels like. You may have forgotten, but we are certain you can remember and we know how to rediscover you!

Complimentary Session

Your initial session is complimentary and intended to help you get a sense of where to begin. The women who are drawn to HerQuest mayhave a desire they are aware of andfeel eager to quickly determine their first step. Others find that current life has distracted them to the point where they don’t have a clear sense as to what they even want. And some, simply want to ponderthe options with more information.Regardless, your initial discussion shouldcreate lots of curiosity about you!

Strategic Coaching with Jodi

  1. Explore the creation of your own transformation

  2. Create and Promote your own professional service line

  3. Expand your impact as an independent entrepreneur

  4. Shift your passion to prosperity

A 30 minute complimentary session to get started, additional options include packages of:  3 sessions, 6 sessions, 9 sessions or 12 sessions.

Individualized Coaching Services for Women

Women who want to prioritize themselves may find they have been caring for others so long they are depleted and lost touch with the power of their emotions. Others can feelchange coming and are bracing themselves, waiting for a crisis to hit. In order to allow a shift in your attention and gain access to the energy to focus on you, an introduction to the personal guidance found in your emotions will be our first step. Once you’ve identified your personal “emotional stance”, you will easily recognize the steps towards hope, into optimism, enjoy a dive into worthiness, reach happily into enthusiasm and harmony, and achieve appreciation and love...you already deserve it. Let’s catch you up to the life that is looking for you.One Hour Session $85

Retreat Enhancement through Coaching

  • Pre-Retreat Coaching Preparation-  Let’s create an experience that far exceeds a stay in New Smyrna Beach, although that’s priceless! By setting your intention in a pre-planning session, you have an opportunity to be more deliberate in choosing the experience wecreate.We will explore topics such as: 

              -How can I be more present during the spa treatments so I receive their full value?What can I do to be sure I continue to pay attention to me when I go home? 

              -How can I be kind and compassionate to myself during this retreat so my inner thoughts soften and allow more room to freely breathe?

              -How can I stretch what makes me...me so when I return home,I feel more clarity about what really matters to me?

              -How can I explore a fun experience in an unfamiliar way so I move beyond the experiences I already know? We will help you tap back into how incredibly amazing you are.

We will remind you there is no one quite like you. You are the result of a lifetime of experiences, none like any other person. A unique person, with unique value, with unique qualities, interests and skills, as well as a unique path towards more of what you want. We will help you adjust to get yourself back on track to what matters to you


  • Post Retreat Impact Coaching – Now that you have shifted into a different perspective, your intention needs to shift too. This session will focus onintegrating what you have become aware of so you can avoid the risk of emotional barriers popping up and re-introducing habitual thoughts once you get home.


One Session $65Package of 3 One Hour Sessions$180

Virtual Coaching with Guided Journeys  

“Ifoundanamazingsenseoffreedomdrivingsoloontheroad,akindIhadneverknown.Inthatfeeling,IfiguredoutwhatIwantedmylifetobe.”-JodiYour Solo Journey can begin right from your driveway! Our onboarding process will help you to visualize the vast options available. Then, using a virtual discovery session, you will explore and discover what you want to experience on your journey, tend to any reservations that may be needed and pack to go! Your selection can include holistic services, spa & salon services, adventure sessions and live discovery sessions.An audio coaching package will guide you each step of the way and when requested a HerQuest coach can guide you through any emotional resistance that may arise. $125