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About the Founder of HerQuest

Hi, my name is Jodi! I believe that there is only one mandatory ingredient to creating the life you want... It is to understand that your solution MUST include HAVING FUN! I believe each Woman's Quest includes FINDING THE INSPIRATION OF JOY in order to build a personal HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

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HerQuest Coaches

1. Complimentary Session

Your initial session is complimentary as we believe it is helpful to get a sense of the type of journey or discovery you are on or want to begin. The women who are drawn to HerQuest typically have a desire they are aware of and sometimes they are eager to quickly determine their best option.  Others find that current life has distracted them to the point where they don’t have a clear sense as to what they even want. And some, simply want to ponder with more information. Regardless, your initial discussion should empower you with many options.

These experts are fully aware of the blended contributions of each holistic practitioner, expert, educator and healer, as well as the various Retreat and Guided Journey options we have. They may suggest an effective first or consecutive next step for you to consider.


Remember, there is no pre-determined course or pathway.  This is your journey. We just want to have all the ingredients for you to choose from readily available, easily accessible and then personalized to exactly what you need.


If you do not find what you are looking for, please be sure to share that with us.  We are continuously co-creating. Perhaps you’d like to be a part of that too.


HerQuest Coaches will strategize with you to receive the maximum value from each HerQuest service you seek and develop the ongoing support services you feel you need moving forward.

2. Strategic Coaching with Jodi

  1. Explore the creation of your own transformation

  2. Create and Promote your own professional service line

  3. Expand your impact as an independent entrepreneur

  4. Shift your passion to prosperity

A 30 minute complimentary session to get started, additional options include packages of:  3 sessions, 6 sessions, 9 sessions or 12 sessions.


3. Individualized Coaching Services for Women

There are many reasons why a series of individualized coaching sessions may benefit a woman who is interested in creating the life she wants.  Typically, we have been caring for others in a way that has depleted us. Or perhaps there is a looming transition in your world, or even one underway.  When faced with these conditions, it can be difficult to think in a way that allows a shift in attention, energy, focus to what you need. HerQuest Coaches are expert in communication, transition, and empowerment and can ease your way through whatever barrier feels like it’s blocking you.  


After your initial complimentary HerQuest Coaching Session, price structure can be agreed to by the session or uniquely discounted packages. 

4. Retreat Enhancement through Coaching

  • Pre-Retreat Coaching Preparation-  With each HerQuest Retreat being a unique blend of holistic experts, educators, healers and guides, the pre-retreat communication process will likely suggest some proactive steps.  It could be considering a question, or some information to get your thoughts underway in order to tap into interesting, intriguing and fun subjects right away. We may need to understand your current knowledge regarding a specific technique or tool in order to provide you with necessary information.  Specific guidelines will be provided upon retreat registration.


  • Post Retreat Impact Implementation Coaching – Each HerQuest Coach assists in fostering a post retreat integration plan.  Helping you identify any re-emerging barriers, your coaching services will help you stay on track with using your new knowledge to create the experiences you want.  Each retreat includes at least two follow up group sessions, in which the women who became your sisters can connect, share and continue to process true shifts in thinking and action.

5. Virtual Coaching with Guided Journeys  

“I found an amazing sense of freedom driving solo on the road, a kind I had never known.  In that feeling, I figured out what I wanted my life to be.” - Jodi


The HerQuest Guided Journeys are an extension of what Jodi experienced on her Solo Journey from Mass to Florida over 18 days.  With the added value of hand selected, female owned lodging partners and HerQuest “Greeters” to welcome you to each area, you will settle in smoothly at each point along your journey. 


You will also have the guidance of a personalized, Virtual Coach along the way. Imagine having someone foster each step of your experience, supporting you in a way that allows your to sooth yourself with rest, seek renewal, or perhaps your ready to begin experiencing the world in new ways. This is your perfect chance.  

The HerQuest Guided Journey Preplanning process partners you with a Virtual Coach to select the Holistic Services, Adventure Sessions, Lodging locations and Community Greeters.  You may find that interacting with the HerQuest Virtual Coaches offer you a guide through the emotional aspects of reacquainting yourself with you.


In our effort to love our families, be responsible and be prepared, we have forgotten who we are, what we once wanted, what made our hearts surge, our voice speak or even better sing, how our bodies thrive and our daily experiences to feel like we are reveling in life not tolerating it.  We forgot, but you can remember on this journey and then you can begin putting that life in place.

6. Senior Life Empowerment Coaches

“It is with great respect that I offer HerQuest services to my wise, older sisters, the women of the generation that came before me.  At 54 years old, the impact of understanding how my personal life experiences have brought me to where I am today, has been astounding. I eagerly anticipate how my life will further enhance with even more time.” – Jodi


I have spent 25 years working in organizations that focus on providing services to seniors. I have been a part of how healthcare is changing and its impact on older peope.


I want to offer a different experience.  One that has never been available to you before.  Simply because you have never stood where you stand right now.  You have learned so many things. You have experienced so many things.  Life is changing around you. It is time for you to feel empowered to say or do the things that are on that list .  Not the to do list. The one from long ago. The one that has your dreams on it. Lets see what we can make happen.

I hope you will join us here at HerQuest to STEP INTO YOUR EMPOWERMENT and have fun with each choice you make from there.

We offer Personal Transformation in Private Sessions, Group Workshops, Transformational Retreats and Assisted Travel Services to Enhance Your Current Life Experience