Meet Our Alliance Partners

Echo Karras

Life by Design Prosperity Planning Partner

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 I am a Solutions Expert helping people plan for the "plannables" in business and in life. Let’s quell the overwhelm of what keeps you up at night with easy and satisfying solutions that provide clarity and peace of mind. With degrees in accounting, finance, and law and a 20+ year career in insurance I am a skilled, experienced professional advisor who is well-qualified and ready to walk you through a simple process to find customized relief for the challenges you face.

   Get the results you want and create the security you need to sleep at night so you can focus on living your best life!

   Through her joyful presence, humor and keen intuitive insight, White Star offers indigenous wisdom ways to women and men who desire an intimate, authentic relationship with themselves, their Beloveds, and with all members of the Planetary Family. 


   Highly regarded as a spiritual guide and teacher, she conducts ceremonies, teachings and private healings through her Flower Eagle Medicine Lodge in North Carolina and through travels to many lands.  White Star apprenticed with Will Rockingbear, a Medicine Man of Cherokee descent for over 17 years, absorbing the ceremonies and healing traditions of the Beauty Way.  Her greatest joy is invoking the holy through ceremony, song and dreaming.

Shaman White Star, Spiritual Guide & Teacher