A Magnificent Life

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

The potential of magnificence showing up in my life is contingent upon my ability to maintain my level of expectancy. It does not matter what one other individual person thinks, says, or does.

When I become and stay aligned with my dreams, all things become possible.

My heart is open and breathing with me. Drawing to it others with which to play, create, receive, celebrate, refine and replenish.

My heart is the doorway to compassion, forgiveness, tenderness, acceptance, and love; all in unconditional form.

It holds the ME’s of… the past, the future to come, and the me of today.

As I become and stay in tune with my inner spirit, and feel experiences before they become visible to all, a doorway opens to:

Inner harmony and peace

The knowing of profound faith

The joy in fully embracing unconditional love of myself and then others

Seeing the beauty within all things

The intrigue and mystery of what is yet to come

The ability to truly receive that which I desire.

This feels just like the still of the early morning.

It reminds me of tenderly holding a lover while I dream; as we float together amid beautiful thoughts.

It feels like touching the softness of the earth; immersing my body into a natural pool of water and feeling myself glide with the wind.

The intrigue for more spurs me on with a powerful curiosity that encourages me to consider who might I encounter in this world of creation? In what ways will we soar? Leading me, guiding me towards even more.

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