Are you a Strong Woman?

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

I saw an article about "Strong Women" and it made me wonder if people believe women are either born strong or not.

How many of these Strong Women's lives guided them to explore and discover their inner strength? Seen with this perspective, every woman has the opportunity to reach for it. For some, it could even become a quest, a journey of discovery that is purposeful and deliberate in its intention.

The steps along such a journey may look something like this...

Stepping away from "being on alert" and finding a way to "be present"

Stepping away from feeling uncertain to embracing seeing things outside the box

Stepping away from the limitations that come with self doubt and stepping into believing in dreams

Stepping away from being numb to feeling more alive by exploring taste, touch, sight, smell and sound

Stepping away from waiting to be invited to becoming the planner

Stepping away from a frantic pace of "busy" towards embracing solitary time

Stepping away from complaining and blaming to gently bouncing with each of life's bumps

Stepping away from questioning towards exploring faith

I've experienced such a journey.

My strength is found within my core. It is stable, solid and reliable.

On the days that I forget, I also remember and find it again.

Know someone who wants to find theirs? Is it you?

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