Easing Into My Day

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Wrapped up in my favorite robe and fuzzy green blanket

Outside under the star lit sky

Hot steaming coffee in my just right size mug

I consider my entry into this new day.

Thoughts of yesterday begin to drift in, gain momentum quickly and I begin to sink under the “have to get it all done” thoughts.

Yet, thankfully, I am reminded somehow about the power of daydreaming

And the power

of my mind brings me back to realizing my life is my creation.

The questions of how are not my concern right now…

My goal is to invite the outcome into my mind

And I remember, the excitement of where I am on my path

This fuel allows my mind to fall into thoughts of appreciation

And a sprinkling of hope enters the scene,

Infusing my thoughts with the stir of excitement once again.

Suddenly, my belly is churning with eagerness

Any question of what, who, when, how would be invading this space of creative energy.

As I sit and feel the stir of eager anticipation

My thoughts shift again, this time into appreciation for me

For living life differently

For realizing my opportunity in this very day

For knowing I have all I need unfolding before me

And I know I am ready to begin..


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