HerQuest Guiding Principles

These reflect some of the awareness's I came to realize on my journey.

HerQuest Guiding Principles

For me, these awareness’s reflect the sparks I needed to create the life I want to live. I encourage you to pay attention to how you feel as you explore them. Perhaps one will speak to you too…


A belief is simply something we keep telling ourselves.   Therefore, there is a choice in whether we want to continue to believe it or not.

Do you have beliefs that are limiting you?  Have you considered changing them?


Some women aren’t meant to be tamed

They are meant to run free until they meet someone who can run

As fast as they can beside them.

- Sarah Jessica Parker

“Tamed” equates overcome, conquer, beat, quell suppress, control.

These words represent a loss of my own power. A loss of my own choice.

I can’t wait to discover others who have the desire to run as fast as they can beside me.  To allow each other to dart off in a different direction, to experience or learn something, always returning to share the lesson, to show how eager we are to use it to strengthen who we are becoming….that best version of ourselves.

Do you want to savor the taste of such freedom?


I got to a place where I decided not to be influenced by what anyone else thought of my choices. Today, each choice is based on an inner guidance. With that, I have truly learned to trust myself.

Do you find yourself looking for “evidence” in an effort to convince yourself or someone your “right”?  Are you trying to justify why you are standing where you are? Are you polling whoever, over and over again, trying to line up enough agreement to find your strength?

Simply put, there is no need for justification.  You likely have enough information to make an informed choice. Do you know what is stopping you?


The truth is, until recently, Women felt like my competition.  

Competition, the whole concept is built around the belief that there is not enough for everyone.  The false premise is that what we seek is limited. For instance, we seem to have been convinced there are not enough jobs or men.

What is incredible to me is that this core foundational belief seems to be perpetuated without a spoken word, without promotion. Yet, we find it embedded in each one of us, both men and women.  

Do you function from a belief in scarcity?  Where did the concept of scarcity come from for you? Do you wonder what life would feel like without it?


A woman taught me that energy is medicine.  Kicked off by a series of Acupuncture Treatments, to relieve the energy I felt was “stuck” inside my body, I began to feel physical sensation very deeply. This seemed to lead to a new awareness of my emotions, once long hidden, yet suddenly so incredibly alive. Ultimately, I have found I have an amazing capacity to love. I am learning to love myself, unconditionally and uncontrollably. And, as I have learned to soothe my spirit, I have seen my capacity to share such love with others.

Are you ready for the energy to heal you?


I wonder where I would be if I had had the faith to simply allow things to be? To bring the best me I could at the time, and invite others to do the same. I wonder what my life would look like.

Awakenings take as long as they take.  I’m just so grateful to not be walking around asleep anymore. To be experiencing life fully, with all my senses wide open, I see the world different. It is amazing.

Are you fully awake?


I met a woman who had such vibrancy emanating off of her, when she turned toward me, it bounced off me and back to her. I could feel it. Her spirit was infectious. It was delicious. Delectable. So nice to be able to feel such descriptive terms.

As she opened the drum circle, she invited spiritual energy from every realm. She even spoke of the Goddesses. She taught us how the instruments select us, how to say hello and connect as one.

I love that I can feel these crazy things now.  I am so grateful.

The sound we created did not start off small as I expected, she dove right in.   My hands moved so fast, in time, in movement, symmetrical, and in perfect sync, my two hands.  I have no knowledge about drumming. Yet, something gave me the ability to create and contribute an amazing sound.  

We were given the freedom of being told to close our eyes.    I could hear, my own music by focusing on its sound. I could blend it with the other drums and maintain my own pace, or I could listen to someone else and find that I traveled along with them.

Each time I returned to my head, I would miss the pattern, the rhythm.  That head, it tends to get in my way.

The first song is brought to a close and we begin again, this time, to be honored with a song from the ancestors.  We were told to force the sound up and out from our core. That is would release what no longer serves us and that the universe would hear what we need and provide.  I love this way of thinking.

It’s an amazing night.  I got all this, simply because I showed up.

When’s the last time you felt a new experience?  


Is neediness really lack of faith in myself?  In my struggle to get what I “need”, do I “take” from others? Am I feeling a desperation that brings a focus on “taking” rather than “giving”? Is it the “giving” that ultimately gives us what we “need”?

Imagine that. One gives. Another receives, getting what they need to be able to give to someone else. People simply offering up pieces of themselves with compassion, kindness, love and hope.

In order to believe that, I must see myself as worthy.  Worthy to offer and give of myself… as well as….worthy to receive what I need from my world.

All it takes to begin is to be gentle with yourself. Be kind to yourself. Be compassionate to yourself. You’ve always been worth it.  

How much compassion do you show yourself when you’re hurting in some way?   Do you want to discover how your body, mind and spirit like to be soothed?


The foundation of beliefs that feed our culture has driven our world to where we are today.

Eighteen years ago, in the year 2000, there were 137,916,186 men in the United States and 143,505,720 women. Imagine if each of those women (51% of the population) influenced just one other woman and one man to simply choose to do a few things different in their daily life.  Then, imagine the ripple of effect today, 18 years later.

Imagine being in a world where you and those you are surrounded by have an intention to simply be who they truly are. With a purpose to care for themselves first, allowing themselves to truly offer unconditional love to those around them.

Think for a minute, do you have anyone like that in your world. Maybe, maybe not. Now imagine…being that person and what it would bring to your world.

One simple thing will kick start it.  One action will cause such a ripple effect, it will extend beyond you in every direction, touching each person in your world, and impacting them in whatever way it does.  

Each time you pay attention to the way you feel, you step into your power.  It may sound crazy, but it is true.

Do you know how you really feel?  Do you know how it impacts your world?


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