I Would Never!

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

What if the only thing standing in your way is literally your vibe?

Is there a chance that the energetic vibe emanating off of you is what is holding away exactly what you want most?

The word quagmire comes to mind…an entangled web of mixed-up beliefs that are simply the result of when someone hurt us in the past or when something didn’t work out the way we wanted. Those beliefs drive the thinking that creates every person’s vibe. That vibe is the energy you radiate out into the world drawing to you exactly what you are thinking about, regardless of whether you want it or not.

When I faced this truth, the first belief I had to address was “I would never do that to myself!” Fortunately, I found when I slipped in one more word, suddenly I did believe it! It became “I would never knowingly do that to myself!” I didn’t know my thoughts created my vibe so I found myself relying on my effort and my action and pushing myself harder and harder to create the life I wanted.

When I ever got a glimpse of the entangled web of mixed-up beliefs I had twirling around on autopilot in my brain, I understood for the first time they had the power to trap me in exactly what I did not want to experience.

I knew I had a chance to finally unveil the path of thoughts that would lead me to exactly what I do want to experience in my life. Understanding what my emotions were telling me was how I got started.

If there is a part of you that is saying, “hmmmmm, well maybe”, I invite you to check out how to explore this concept a bit further. Use the complimentary access code “herquestclientaccess” to receive the guidance you need to explore what your emotions are trying to tell you.

The Power of Your Emotions Link: https://digitalcourses.herquest.net/courses/the-power-of-emotions

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