Magic Wands That Sizzle With All That Is Magical About My Mother

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

When I was a little girl, my mother created magical birthday celebrations, complete with magic wands! Every little one got their own to take home.

We felt like princesses.

In reality, our wand was a small wooden stick, a cardboard star and tin foil. But in my mother’s magical mind, she empowered each of us with the magic of believing in our wishes.

She handed me a stick that said life can be magical.

She handed me a star that put the stars in my reach.

She handed me the understanding there is sparkle in simple things.

She handed me the ability to believe in myself.

She handed me her love.

I am eternally grateful for her spirit, her strength, her laughter and her love.

I’m picking my wand back up.

It’s sizzling with all that is magical about my mother.

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