Manifestations Are Simply Things Becoming Different

On March 5, 2021, I needed a video that I vaguely recalled making, and as I searched through my phone…I found it and saw it was recorded on March 5, 2020…it was precisely the video I needed exactly one year later.

I still feel startled when things happen in my life that are just too specific to be considered a coincidence or lucky. I’ve started calling the feeling it causes “mind-opening” and stopped calling them mind-blowing!

When I started paying attention, the evidence of things easily working out for me grew and grew. It started the day I had a sudden realization about manifestation that has led to knowing all is well in my world.

The evidence of manifestation in my life today looks like this:

  • I am asked to ghostwrite a book and easily pulled out an “epiphany pathway process” I wrote a few years ago. It is the perfect tool, ready and waiting, for this woman to ask me to help her.

  • I am asked to design an e-learning platform for a woman who has transformed her young son’s life and I received an inspired idea of how she can begin to generate revenue while we are still in the development phase.

  • I am thrilled to be personally referred to industry experts who want to share their unique skills and knowledge with those just beginning, eager to succeed.

  • I am grateful to extend the offer of hope and the gift of relief, with “Done for You” Virtual Assistant Solutions to independent business owners who need a confident helping hand…a unique alliance I have dreamt of has come to be.

  • I am awe-struck to have been invited into a community of people who already believe in alliances and joint ventures being the answer they have been seeking.

  • I am delighted to have co-created a unique alliance business model designed to maximize aligned collaborations and create massive mutual success.

  • I am appreciative of the blend of my traditional long-term skills and an understanding of how to care for myself in a way that allows me to thrive.

  • I am inspired by the personal introductions that have offered me the opportunity to share, stretch and celebrate with many people I used to not know.

This was the day I finally understood I could stop trying to figure it all out.

Now that I understand that manifestations are simply things becoming different,

I feel no angst.

I feel no worry.

I stand in a new understanding, in a new place, with a new view.

I see my well-being is limitless.

It is the result of the inspired ideas I have received.

It is the result of being in the right place at the right time because I follow my gut…my impulses…by paying attention to how I feel.

It is the result of soothing myself with intentional and deliberate thoughts that allow me to relax again when life happens in a way that reveals more clarity to me.

It is the result of embracing self-compassion, self-forgiveness, and realizing the life journey I have been on has simply been a series of life experiences where I realized how to navigate this life with satisfaction.

It is the result of deciding for myself what is right for me by paying attention to how I feel.

It is the result of accepting every single person has their own unique inner guidance and that they may realize it for themselves, as they see me live a life with inner harmony.

It is the result of realizing the only thing that matters is tending to my own connection first, each and every day, and then going into my world.

It is the result of fostering the emotions of how I want an experience or interaction to feel before I go there, as it allows divine energy to orchestrate the best possible experience when I arrive.

The resulting financial freedom offers me endless and limitless choice and therefore… I am empowered to live in the moment.

Allowing me the ability to be generous in any way I want, with anyone I want.

Embracing the choice that is playful and relaxed, inviting those around me to join me in that space.

Joyfully adorning myself with beautiful things that make me feel pretty;

things that inspire my essence to come forth for fuller expression.

Experiencing life along new and different pathways that lead me directly to more, and more, and more.

More Clarity.

More Fun.

More Joy.

More Laughter.

More Love.

More abundance of every kind.

I am already in love with life.

I am already in love with me.

My inner connection to spirit allows me full expression of who I am and why I am here.

Manifestations of every kind are simply things becoming different.

What I know now allows me to be a deliberate creator and to show others how to be one as well.

I love my life.

I love every single thing about my life.

Right now, as it is… and, I am eager for more.

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