Shift out of “Sameness” to Stretch Beyond What Is Known

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

I realized one day, without me knowing it, my life had evolved into a “sameness” day after day.

It offered a long commute and long days at work, with a list that never seemed to dwindle down. When I finally got home each day, it was a reminder of how I had neglected my loved ones.

Today I understand I acclimated to the “sameness”; expecting nothing different…it had become my norm. I was shocked when I realized that “settling” meant I gave up!

It was fueled by a belief that I would not get what I want …and so I actually gave up and settled.

Changing my perspective changed my world!

What if you chose a perspective that Life is meant to be a series of starts and stops, each experience offering an “unknown” so that you too are filled with curiosity and rewarded with the feeling of surprise that comes with a new experience?

This view or perspective…is that our life is a journey or a quest…a series of experiences, whether alone or with others, that is part of a lifelong journey of discovery.

There was a span of time in my life where I did not go anywhere socially alone. I would sit home, with “no one” to go with, chew on my disappointment and feed my resentment about who hadn’t shown up in my life. I understand now that every time I did that, I made a choice.

My view looking back now easily allows me to see how I invited disappointment, rather than eager anticipation, into my life. When I began to explore and discovered I enjoyed new experiences, even by myself, I felt like I found my life’s fuel.

I stepped back into feeling curious again, which stimulated a desire for even more.

As my life began to unfold in a series of fun experiences, I found a hidden gem I had no idea would be there…I liked myself! I could trust myself! I could see how my life experiences had influenced my view and my interpretation of the world. I could see how my emotions could guide me to stay on track to what mattered to me!

We are approaching a New Decade, “2020”. Want to change your view too so that you can shift out of "sameness" and stretch beyond what you already know?

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