The Evolution of Your Desire

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Considering the mindset that fosters the Evolution of Your Desire is an opportunity to shift in a way that puts you back in charge of moving your life forward.

It is living a life where you Understand the Key and stop reacting to disappointments; where the misunderstandings around you simply fall away; where feeling perplexed is replaced with the feeling of clarity and certainty; where you know where you belong.

Regardless of what is going on, you have all you need to begin to manifest the life you want.

Begin by stepping back and giving yourself a break so that you can consider exploring what your emotions are really indicating to you. Once you have access to and understand the missing key to your emotions, you can deliberately begin to explore and discover your own personal compelling proof so that your life transforms in the ways that matter to you.

This Self Discovery is the Evolution of Your Desire. It is Discovering and Mastering Your Personal Manifestation Process.

The ingredients include:

· A kind and compassionate attitude towards yourself

· Deliberately creating or discovering places that convey a sense of peace to you

· A willingness to put yourself first for 2 to 4 hours a week

· A Desire for more in some way

· A judgement free, respectful attitude for each others

· An appreciation for each other’s journeys without needing to know all the details

· A smoldering inner energy of enthusiasm or passion that wants to be explored and experienced

We begin by tending to ourselves in a new way. Offering ourselves a more compassionate, gentler voice as we soothe ourselves beyond any negative feelings of fear, doubt or insecurity. We recognize that many other people’s opinions have influenced us and it is time for us to regain awareness of our own opinions, our own desires and own dreams.

This path of exploration is unique for each of us. Experiences are purposeful, deliberate and intentional so that you discern precisely what your dreams include and why you want them.

As we move from soothing ourselves into perceiving how our life could actually feel different, we grasp the value of our own personal lifetime of experiences and the power of what our emotions are indicating to us.

We now hold a treasure map, with step by step personal guidance revealing a path unfolding before us. We begin to see the value of being in the right place at the right time as we are filled with curiosity and the desire to follow a chain of sudden thoughts and land in the middle of surprise and delight.

When we are regimented with a jam packed schedule there is no time for an inkling of surprise and certainly no delight. It is virtually impossible to "figure it out” when we are multi-tasking on auto pilot, fuming inside about some issue or being consumed by the distraction of endless preoccupation rolling around in our minds. In reality when we focus on what is wrong, what we are worried about, what is disappointing us…it keeps us stuck there.

It is time to move beyond what you know.

Bring an open mind into today. Invite an open spirit into your life.

Get to know yourself in a new way. Your going to love what you find.

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