The Lingering Look of Self Love - Meet Mazie, Age 3

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

This amazing little girl is my niece Mazie. Her mom captured a moment that is so compelling it holds the power to instantly change your life forever. I hope you give yourself the gift of watching it. It shook me to the core when I saw this moment of self-love captured on the screen.

After you watch it, I encourage you to consider the following perspective.

Each one of us once had a deep appreciation of ourselves. A loving perspective of “who we are” that came from within us. It seems as we moved through life, many of us lost touch with that loving perspective of ourselves.

I’ve often heard the guidance “imagine yourself in the future and share the wisdom your future self learned so it can help guide you right now.”

This alone is a powerful suggestion.

But I also invite you to ask yourself what would your 3-year-old self want to remind you of?

What have you forgotten about yourself that you once knew?

When you gazed at yourself in the mirror how did thoughts like this feel? “Wait, that’s me! Hey look, that’s me in there! Look at that! How amazing I can see myself! I’m pretty special! Whoa, look at me!”

How would remembering and seeing yourself that way immediately change your current life experience?

How would it influence how you see your current world?

If you truly take the time to do this, your thoughts will instantly reveal what obstacles are in your mind and blocking the path to the life you want. Those thoughts are nothing more than limiting beliefs you picked up during some negative life experience and they offer you nothing…nothing except what holds you back.

Do you really want to let your thoughts lead to reliving the negative stories again?

There is no need, who cares what the details are? Haven’t they taken enough from you?

The only thing that matters is, these beliefs don’t allow you to love or accept yourself.

So, the only question that matters is…do you want to be supported through letting them go?

Would you like to talk about it for a few minutes?

If so, I invite you to schedule a time to do so. I'd be happy to get you started.

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