The Mother Tree, Silver Springs, Ocala FL

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

As a new mother, it seemed there were times I could not soothe my son.

He seemed to struggle to settle down, ramping himself up in his upset, rather than responding to my efforts to calm him. It left me feeling uncertain and somewhat stressed as I tried idea after idea to no avail.

I clearly recall the day that I realized the correlation between being outside and having access to the trees moving and swaying in the wind. The calming response was instantaneous…for both of us. My anxious worry about what to do settled down and my son seemed to receive an understanding that all was ok in his world.

I have shared that story from time to time, yet this evening, as I sit in the Orlando airport….having missed my flight to join my family for the holidays, I stumbled across a TED Talk featuring Suzanne Simard; the title, “How Trees Talk to Each Other”.

She shared the communication system housed underground, from tree to tree within the same family, even species to species, there is a 2 way conversation going on. She continued to explain as interdependent beings, the trees thrive not by being competitors but “cooperators”. This thriving and complex system of forest, is actually a network with hubs and links of cooperative communication!

The Hub Trees, known as “Mother Trees”, send wisdom to the next generation, known as seedlings. And suddenly I understood, my son just a few months old, could feel the communication all around us.

I have always had an affinity for trees. I often notice the new growth that comes from what appears to my eye to be dead, yet, births new growth. The fact that trees talk to each other is no surprise to me. In fact it makes complete sense.

When's the last time you visited the forest?

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