The Path Unfolds – Finding Your "Beloved" with an Indigenous Calling Ceremony

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

White Star, Shamanic Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Author speaks of “synchronicity” in the Indigenous Practices she utilizes in Self-Empowerment Rituals and Feminine Spirituality Gatherings.

Synchronicity is otherwise known as coincidences that are the result of universal forces, which are related in a meaningfully way.

The fact that I crossed White Star's path on an unplanned, spontaneous road trip, through North Carolina, on my way to "what was next in my life"... is far from random.

The fact that I had never even heard of New Smyrna Beach, yet felt drawn here, is just another element of the story.

The fact that White Star is traveling to New Smyrna Beach to guide women through a preparation to complete an Indigenous “calling ceremony” is simply the next step in a path that has been unfolding. White Star learned this traditional approach to connect with one's Beloved or Soul Companion, from her teacher, Will Rockingbear, a Cherokee Medicine Man.

The time to release the past and step into authentic, genuine love relationships is here! The thought of being connected with my Beloved, using Indigenous Wisdom Traditions, speaks to my soul. I look forward to sharing the experience with other women who wish the same. The women who will be called to attend, will also be part of that unfolding.

The blend of HerQuest, White Star’s healing guidance and this opportunity creates the invitation for those who have been waiting for their next step.

Please feel free to pass it along so that it reaches those who are searching.

We are honored to be path of their path.

A piece of an email from July 16, 2019

"Hello White Star, It’s Jodi, now settled in New Smyrna Beach, FL.

We met along, what I call my “solo journey” from Massachusetts, in 2018. The impact of the healing ceremony you shared with me has been incredibly powerful. I believe it held the missing ingredient that let me free myself from some of the past I left behind.

I arrived home about 5 days ago from a visit back to Mass and found your book “Calling from the Heart: An Invitation to Your Soul Companion” had arrived.

My visit back to where I lived for so long, stimulated various emotions and I am striving to reflect and absorb all I can. I understand so much more today about how my clarity comes from solitary quiet time.

This morning, I realized I had a series of thoughts that led me to pick up your book and open specifically to page 31. As I read it quickly, I had a physical reaction down to my gut, as your words described exactly what I have been searching for in a relationship. The unexpected and powerful reaction I had to Feeling Understood was truly physical, in fact I literally had to take a few minutes before I was able to stand up!

As I read your beautiful words, I found they described exactly what I seek to share in a relationship. And for the first time, it felt believable…and therefore achievable. Your words painted a depiction of the kind of intimacy that offers compassion, kindness, healing and love, one that I could literally visualize coming into my life."


With White Star’s permission I am sharing her words...

Calling from the Heart: An Invitation to Your Soul Companion

Who is a Soul Companion?

“My teachers tell me that the purpose of being in a relationship is to heal each other. The nature of an intimate, authentic relationship asks that we become mirrors for each other. And if we cannot see what is in the mirror, we are asked to hold up a lantern for each other so we can more clearly see those parts of ourselves that are in shadow, that require more light, so those parts can be recognized, reconciled and integrated. That is what we do with a Soul Companion. We heal each other. We are in relationship with our Soul Companion to help each other on this journey of self-discovery, self-understanding and self-realization.

We can do this mirroring for each other with great love, compassion, gentleness, humor, respect, intimacy, trust and equality. We can use round, soft words when we need to express our truths, words that we don’t need to regret or apologize for later. We can be truly vulnerable with our Soul Companion because the level of trust, respect and integrity is high, giving us the knowing that we are safe and cherished. Lies or half truths are not needed to protect ourselves because we know that the truths we share will not be used against us.

Being open-hearted – willing to listen with our hearts so we can completely hear what our partner is saying – heals us and heals our Beloved. Love and compassion are not feelings. They are actions. Although the love we feel for another is pleasant and perhaps even thrilling for us, it doesn’t mean a thing to the other person unless we express it through our words, thoughts and actions.

Even just saying, “I love you” doesn’t really mean anything to the other person unless we have congruent actions to express that love. The sentiment of love can be expressed through the soft caress of our eyes, conveyed with a heartfelt hug, or sharing a touch on the shoulder of our Beloved as we pass through the room – so many ways to express love through simple actions. That’s why we need to listen to our partner’s actions, not their words. Actions tell us when we are in a truly loving relationship. Then our healing can be experienced with joy and happiness, and with grace and ease.

We also have the choice to do this mirroring for each other in hurtful, vengeful, harsh, critical, non-trusting ways, using sharp, pointed words that wound and maim. This leads to withdrawal, shutting down, lashing out, recriminations, jealousy, comparisons, competition and ultimately hatred.

The healing will still take place because the intensity of the pain, sorrow, and grief eventually carries us to a place where we are willing to make different choices about the actions we need to take and the changes we have been resisting so that we can stop hurting.

Whatever way the mirror is held up for us, it gives us the opportunity to learn, grow and heal. One way is through love and compassion, the other through fear and violence. But both ways are teachers.

As we evolve on our spiritual journey, we can more fully stand in our personal power with gentle strength, kindness and humility, with love for ourselves and others.

When we feel worthy of love and respect, we will naturally choose – through synchronicity – people and events that mirror back love and respect to us.

When we feel unworthy of love and respect, we will naturally choose – again through synchronicity – people and events that mirror back that lack of love and respect to us.

It starts with our inner reality and moves outward into our interactions with life. This is the way we change the world, by changing our inner reality.

We can experience life with grace and ease – it is a choice of staying awake, aware and intentional on our journey, opening our hearts to joy and happiness.

With this understanding, we step off the merry-go-round of playing the victim (poor little me), the perpetrator (judging ourselves) and the rescuer (self-medicating) … and we find that others stop playing these roles in our lives and stop asking us to play these roles in their lives.

This is the freedom of the soul – the freedom found from being in a relationship with another who is seeking this same level of spiritual understanding and enlightenment.

We cannot call our Soul Companion from a place of being stuck. It’s just not possible. From a place of inner gratitude for and freedom from the past, we can be clear enough to send out our calling, our yearning, our heart’s desire, our total commitment to co-creating a beautiful, intimate, authentic relationship based on love and compassion, understanding and wisdom….We innately know how to learn and love with grace and ease. It’s time to reclaim this wisdom.”

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