The Shift

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Since I arrived in New Smyrna Beach, I’ve met many community members who have chosen to relocate here. Some have been visiting guests, returning year after year, eager for the day that they could make NSB their home. Others have heard loved ones boasting about the area, checked it out and never left. A small bunch have stumbled across this special place and stayed put.

The shift that comes with living here is big. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just me but then I remember all the smiles around me and I know it’s not. NSB is a place that allows each of us a chance to consider a different perspective from which to live life. To every local sharing their homeland with us, I thank you.

Feeling confused was an emotion that used to freak me out. It felt unsafe to me. I have realized confusion is NOT something to be annoyed by or avoided.

When my thoughts swirl this way and that, my mind is trying to offer me a powerful invitation!

My shift feels like this…


The power of your own mind toggling back and forth between hiding what you seek, as if it is protecting you from harm, and revealing bit by bit the clarity you are looking for.

The compassion for yourself flooding through your veins, infusing your entire body with soft and gentle words of encouragement, love and self-acceptance.

Your perspective shifting just enough to open a window to a different view.

Stepping forward and seeing an old experience with new eyes. The lens of fear, resentment or anger that sat so solidly in place, set gently to the side.

Your view widening, the puzzle of circumstances leading to now gently falling into place. All the complications falling away as you recognize each are tied to other people’s opinions.

Receiving the freedom that comes with understanding a lifetime is a series of experiences. They don’t define who we are. Any hurt they contained can be released. The pain each of us felt can be soothed once and for all. You begin by forgiving yourself for any part you felt responsible for, whether it was before, during or after.

Sitting beyond confusion, soothed by the freedom of any lingering guilt, shame or fear, embracing yourself with compassion and forgiveness, re-emerging as yourself once again.

This place makes it possible. The smiles all around me…they reflect the relief of finally being ourselves again.

Watch and see, you can find it too.

This article was featured in the January 2020 Edition of East Coast Current Magazine, serving Volusia County with local events, arts, music and news. Thankyou to Tiffany Evers for the consideration.

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