Built over a 3 to 7 day period, the HerQuest Retreat schedule allows you the time and space for you to step away from the chaos around you and receive all you need to feel replenished and renewed.  You will gain clarity and understand how emotions function as a personal navigation tool so that you begin to step towards the freedom and joy that comes with self-acceptance.  


This expansive thinking will allow new experiences and ideas to enter your life.  Your deliberate choices will lead to rendezvous with amazing people in your world. The connection you will feel with yourself will allow you to feel as if you have personal guidance at all times.


When you work with HerQuest, you determine your path.  


Our retreats, coaches, practitioners, and educators create the environment for you to realize the path unfolding before you.  Often this comes with a shift in your perspective as you release old beliefs that have perpetuated the past over and over.

Join us in the quiet town of New Smyrna Beach, Florida!


Tucked away, just steps from the beach you'll find our unique vintage beach houses.  With five private bungalows, there are accommodations for up to 10 women.  Each bungalow includes 2 bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen and bath, and access to a private courtyard with a relaxing pool and jacuzzi. 


We welcome you explore our town as well, breath in the salty air, soak in the energy of the powerful ocean and feel the warmth and the energy of the sun.  Explore the small shops on Flagler Avenue and mingle with locals at the Canal Street Farmer's Market. 

Whether you're on your own personal journey or joining other women, a HerQuest Transformational Retreat is the perfect place to relax, reflect and revive yourself. 



Custom All-Inclusive Retreat Packages

Available 7 Days a Week

Create the Experience You Desire

Two Weekday Packages To Choose From

Massage Salts

Pamper Me

3 Day Retreats

Booking Sunday - Thursday Only 

  • 60 Minute Craniosacral Therapy Session

  • 60 Minute Chakra Balancing Session

  • 60 Minute Soothing Facial

  • 60 Minute Soothing Massage, Manicure & Pedicure

  • 60 Minute Enhance Your Life Coaching Session


All Inclusive

Hair Cut

Pretty Woman

3 Day Retreats

Booking Sunday - Thursday Only

  • Organic Makeup Consultation & Application

  • Hair Cut & Style

  • 90 Minute Fashion Consultation

  • 90 Minute Soothing Body Massage

  • 60 Minute Reflexology Session

  • 30 Minute Photoshoot

  • 60 Minute Enhance Your Life Coaching Session


All Inclusive

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What does it feel like at the HerQuest Venue?

Debby chose the Vintage Beach House to Celebrate Life with the Woman of her World.


I met Debby while also staying onsite as a fellow guest, during the development of HerQuest.

Having recently completed an intensive medical treatment, Debby opened our conversation by sharing

“I haven’t worn my wig since they told me I looked beautiful!"

Debby shared she innately knew she had to have something to look forward to post-treatment and was delighted to find the venue was everything she expected yet more.


Whether a short walk to downtown Flagler Ave, the onsite Salt Water Pool, and Hot Tub,

or the joy of riding a bike on New Smyrna Beach, there were positive people everywhere.


“It made me feel normal again.  I felt like I treated myself as a whole person, without leaving my spirit behind.

The alone time at the beach spent reflecting, praying and meditating  led to my treatment team’s reacting to my recent bloodwork by saying, "It looks like you never had cancer!"


I could hear the smile in Debby’s voice when she closed with “from the day I left, I have felt like a million bucks”.