Nancy Matthews, Co-Founder, Women's Prosperity Network

    Women who are searching for all the pieces to the next best version of themselves will find that Jodi has made that quest really beautiful. She teaches you to slow down just a little bit to get really present with yourself. With the resources, tools and experience she shares, it allows the transition to an entrepreneurial life to be much easier.

-Nancy Mathews, Founder Women's Prosperity Network

 The synergy Jodi and I shared ignited quickly! Because of her sensitivity to the needs of others and her brilliant boldness to see differently, she's caused our business collaboration to blend and blossom in ways unimaginable! She has truly made my business journey an inspiring one. I recommend Jodi for anyone eager to expand their influence and impact. She has a beautiful gift to ignite your ideas and guide you every step of the way!

-Dr. Minesha White - Founder, WorkLife Harmony Method

   As an experienced business owner, I thought I knew the best approach to reach my targeted customer. What I discovered about my customer's emotional journey has refined my entire business strategy. Jodi showed me by truly paying attention to how my customers feel, I can ensure I attract the right customer and provide the exact experience they seek. The end result is complete satisfaction.

-Alex Knighton, Owner & Principal Photographer

Trish Carr, Co-Founder, Women's Prosperity Network

   I was blown away by what I learned about the impact of my client's emotions.  It helped me create a map to guide my clients no matter what emotional state they are in.  Now I know my offers will reflect exactly what my clients want.

-Chantel Tavares - The Millennial Money Coach & Owner Tavares Consulting

   Jodi guided me with designing and promoting a holistic wellness luncheon series. She has a gift of magical words and special talents and is truly creating ripples of positive impact all around her. She is absolutely wonderful to work with.

-Katherine Barry, Holistic Coach - Naturally Essential LLC

   Jodi is easy to work with and quick to get you in action! She helped me learn new things I wanted to learn and make it fun to act on them. I am forever grateful. She helped me create a new business and fabulous friends.

-Gretchen Clark, Avatar Master

Brian K. Baird, CEO & Founder of The Effective Way

   It only took one discussion with Jodi to realize my opportunity and need to shift out of the frantic place that seemed necessary to manage my business growth. Her ability to visualize solutions captivated me. But it was a step by step explanation that helped me to see it and reach for it too.

-Pepper Berkowitz, Founder Pepper's Boutique 

   Jodi really knows how to bring a room full of women entrepreneurs together. When she joined forces with Unleash Your Women's Power Luncheon she demonstrated how women with a common vision can execute their mission as a team who supports each other's strengths. She is a force to be reckoned with. If you're looking for a way to reconnect with your passion and purpose and collaborate with other powerful women in the community, I strongly recommend working with Jodi Hinkle!

-Kelsey L. Reppart, Transpersonal Life Coach - Founder of Life Pulse Soulutions 

   Jodi has such a unique and valuable perspective which she draws upon when helping her clients improve their businesses. Spending time with her has opened my eyes to a new way to add value to what we offer.

-Janine Wooten, Owner- NSB Custom Tees & Laser Engraving

Sara Sholovitz, Zumba Instructor

   Jodi helped my daughter move quickly, from feeling completely scattered with "zero" for a plan, into focused and taking action.  It was empowering simply to watch their engagement, never mind feel it personally. Jodi shifted both of us from being in a "crisis" to recognizing a BIG opportunity.  The biggest impact was focusing on one small step at a time and turning each one into powerful decisions that inspired immediate action.   

   I would recommend anyone who needs help with a life transition to reach out to Jodi personally. Her ability to quickly create a safe environment got us moving in the right direction instead of continually spiraling more out of control.

-Karen Gerner, Venice, FL

   Jodi has a wonderful way of taking a negative situation or feeling, and guiding you down a path of understanding and enlightenment. This enables you to grow from it, instead of suffer. She is genuine and always lives in the moment, truly caring about everyone she is around and taking in experiences wholeheartedly. I enjoy working with her professionally and would highly recommend attending one of her workshops.

-Tiffany Evers, Co-Owner & Editor, East Coast Current

   As a professional looking to transition in my career, I attended Jodi's workshop "How to Disentangle Yourself from the Indecision that Rules Your Life" and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. She is great at identifying the key issues that hold people back and reframing your thoughts and reactions to provide a more positive outcome. I found it to be a refreshing experience that helped me grow as a person, and help guide me professionally. She is compassionate, generous, and genuine, and I highly recommend her and her workshops for people looking to invite positive change in their lives.

-Kim Hover, Kim Hover Creative

   Jodi is the “real deal” and I am truly grateful for knowing her. My life, processes, and outlook are forever changed. I will never be the same. With a few shifts in thought and word, Jodi showed me how to help my clients (and myself) cement goals with core values – thereby eliminating reliance on willpower and determination alone to achieve success. Better than ever before, I’m able to help my clients clearly articulate their goals, which are strategically supported by that client’s mission, purpose, and passion.

   I highly recommend HerQuest. Whether you’re an individual in search of personal transformation or a business/professional looking to enhance the impact of the work you do in the community, Jodi can lead you where you didn’t even know you needed to go.  If you’re struggling with taking your next step in personal or business transformation, call HerQuest today! 

-Echo Karras, J.D. Solutions Expert