Transformational Retreats

1. HerQuest Vision - Create a Catalyst

There is great benefit in understanding your first step is simply to have some fun.  Think of it as a shot of energy that infuses your body, mind and spirit, creating an eagerness for more.  More positive feelings, tied to more positive experiences, tied to positive shifts in thinking, tied to raising new awareness’s, tied to creating the life you want.

It seems the real challenge may be getting started in a significant enough way that you get some momentum going.  If this is your experience and you feel a bit stuck, a HerQuest Transformational Retreat would be a choice for you to consider.


Typically built over a 5 day period, the HerQuest Retreat Venues and schedule allow enough time and space for you to absorb the impact of each new awareness you’ve experienced.  Once you absorb it, you will have the opportunity to apply it in the Retreat setting. You will feel the full range of positive feelings tied to the lessons in self love, joy, freedom and personal growth dance into your life.

There is nothing as powerful as raising your own awareness, identifying your own personal barriers and seeing yourself embracing your own personal power. This new-found focus will create a momentum that you will be eager to carry home with you.  


This expansive thinking you’ve allowed in, will create new experiences, new ideas, new guidance, new choices, new introductions to amazing people in your personal world.  You will connect with yourself in a way that you will feel guided toward each next step.


When you work with HerQuest, you determine your path.  Our retreats, coaches, guides, practitioners and educators create the environment for you to realize it.  We will provide the support and guidance along your journey. Each tool you need is here, ready when you are.


Most people achieve new awareness by doing, by discovery through hands on experience.  

2. Retreat Venues


We invite you to SCULPT YOUR ENERGY – Imagine yourself stepping into this, as you arrive at your first HerQuest Transformational Retreat.


It’s a beautiful afternoon at 4 pm.  There is music flowing from the front porch.  As you approach, you are greeted by Stephanie and she hands you a sparkling beverage.  It’s a suggestion that everything about this experience is going to feel bubbly. To you, the energy feels alive.  Stephanie’s smile reflects her warmth and eagerness to have each woman become part of the HerQuest sisterhood. She visualizes you realizing the benefits that you will receive, enjoying the anticipated smiles of satisfaction as each woman embraces their desire for more joy.


Each person sees the value of the physical space.  The beauty. The comfort. The ability to relax, refresh, renew, and recharge.  Simple. Functional. Comfortable. The place you will call home for a few days as you elevate your Spirit.  The place you will trust enough to allow your body to be, your mind to open and allow your spirit to receive.


This is the place.


The teachers and healers who come, they will bring a specific value.  One that reflects wellness, health, happiness, joy, celebration, being alive in the moment.  They exude a sense of calm and a serenity in their peace of mind. Someone who will be a pleasure to interact with.  This is an environment selected for you to receive the knowledge you need to experience the blessings of life. It is here you will wake up your body, mind and spirit.


We have created the space.  We have created the opportunity.  Your part is to allow your own Realization.



I am honored to partner with Carla, the owner of the Unique Vintage Beach Houses that is home to the HerQuest Retreat Venue in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.  The familiar comfortable feeling of home, with every possible need already considered and provided. A short walk to the wonder of the beach and open ocean.  


My journey paused here. Carla’s homey place was my resting spot where we built the first HerQuest Retreat Leadership Team and fine tuned our goals and strategy.  In stepped Stephanie Extraordinaire, she provides every detail to ensure ease and flow in our schedule, our setting, our nourishment and our engagement with the local community.

Calling for more retreat venues!


We anticipate at least 7 more HerQuest Retreat Venues within the next two years.  If you or someone you know owns a unique property that could comfortably house a group of up to 20 people, please let us know.

3. Retreat Pricing Structure

Each unique HerQuest Retreat is priced individually, as they are quite unique, however, they will consistently maintain an all-inclusive price:

  • Accommodations

  • Meals

  • Retreat Workshop Sessions

  • Activities and Entertainment (as described in each retreat)

  • Pre-Retreat Coaching Preparation More Info>>

  • Post Retreat Impact Implementation Coaching More Info>>

4. Upcoming Events

Calendar for Events

5. Registration Process

To register for an event, find the event you would like to attend and click the register button next to the event. Click Here to Find Out What Events We Have to Offer>>

Once you have registered, if you will require assistance with flight, car, airport transportation, lodging night prior and last day Send HerQuest an Email with Your Specific Requests>>